Hot Coffee and Fresh Baked Goods

Cha Cha Java is an eco-friendly and earth conscious coffee shop. We do our best to use environmentally friendly products e.g. our compostable perfect touch cups; they cost more but the environment is worth it. We were one of the first coffee roasters to use fair trade organic beans starting 14 years ago! We currently import and roast green beans from over 14 countries from around the world. We take measures like composting all of our natural waste and reducing our garbage output to only one bag of garbage per day. Our coffee grinds go to a local farmer to help produce terrific local produce. But more than being earth conscious, we also care about serving delicious drinks and foods that will make our clients happy. We hope that you come and visit our store and enjoy our friendly company with a cup of coffee, a fresh scone or any other treat that may meet your fancy


  • Award winning baked goods including scones, muffins and cookies
  • A variety of light lunches including paninis, wraps, sandwiches and homemade soups
  • Breakfast all day
  • 100% natural fruit smoothies
  • Free WiFi
  • Freshly roasted coffee to enjoy here or take your favourite beans to enjoy at home

Cafe Information